About Product – Wedrawrobot

WEDRAW = Father’s Love


The WEDRAW brand comes from a father's love for his daughter. Stone Cui, the founder of WEDRAW, is the father of a 6-year-old girl. He finds that his daughter felt dispointed every time while learning and drawing, and has no confidence and patience to learn. So he developed an educational robot that can teach kids to learn Math, English, Art, Natural Knowledge and so on by drawing step by step. This educational robot is WEDRAW – EGGY.

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What is WEDRAW – EGGY?

WEDRAW - EGGY, the robot, is an enlightenment educational tool designed for kids ages 3-8. It's a drawing robot but also much more. It is a little home teaching assistant to help kids get ready for school or connecting school and home self learning.

With Eggy, kids will spend less time on tablets, mobile phones or TV. Through drawing, studying, and sharing works with parents or friends to stimulate full of confidence, increase the intimacy between parents and children, as well as develop kids’ abilities of Imagination, Observation, Creativity and Memory.